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This Month's Article...

Did Your Home Freeze?

-13° below zero for heaven’s sake! And what, -40° wind chill? Schools, businesses, mail/paper delivery, and sporting events closed for days. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen that kind of temperature extremes around here. Hopefully you got through it OK, but how’d your house do?

Because of the extreme forecast, we knew that our customers would be coming to us for many things outside the norm. We sold a 1 year supply of heat tapes, gutter/roof deicers, ice melter, electric heaters, pipe insulation, and HEET gas line antifreeze in a 5-day period! We were ready and pretty much had what our customers needed. Did you have everything that your house and car needed?

When temperatures get that cold, it’s important to watch and listen closely to what your house is telling you. Did your storm windows frost up? Did pipes that have never frozen before turn into popsicles? Was that sub- zero air blowing in through your outside wall outlets? Did you have to let your faucets drip or did you have to take your spouse to work because their car wouldn’t start?

When big time weather extremes hit, it’s not easy to be prepared for everything that can happen. But the key as a homeowner is to not only prepare the best you can, but also to take some time afterwards to wrap your house with a little more protection. Believe it or not, that kind of weather we had 3 weeks ago will be back someday. So take a little time this week to add a few extreme weather projects to your summer job jar list.

Most of them shouldn’t be too hard to do. Fixing roof leaks, preventing frozen pipes, adding extra insulation, and even a new set of jumper cables are all projects that you can tackle. While you’re at it, let your mind think a bit about how to protect your house from extreme heat, extreme wind, and extreme icy conditions too. You know Mother Nature has a bit of all that planned for the near future. Get all those ideas down on that summer job jar list, and get started! Good luck!

From time to time, I am going to post a few fun official National Days in the USA. Here are a three to get you started.

National Drink Wine Day is the February 18th. National Chocolate Mint Day is the February 19th. And February 20th is National Cherry Pie Day. So pick a day and give your taste buds a treat!

See you next month!

Dave is the owner of Umber’s Do it Best, which has been a family owned and operated since 1944. Whatever your project needs are, we can help. Stop in today at 2413 Lwr. Huntington Rd. Ft. Wayne, In 46809. Call (260) 747-3866.

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