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Mid-Summer Job Jar List

So all the rain in May and early June kept most of us from completing all of our spring projects. And the way-too-hot temperatures of the first part of July kept us all inside. But now that normal summer weather has settled in, it’s time to get back outside and get some of those job jar items checked off your list.

Around the Umber household, we’ve been doing a bit of outdoor maintenance catchup ourselves. Pruning old trees, planting new trees, spreading new decorative stone, and if all went according to plan, by the time you read this, the front porch should have a new coat of paint. So what’s it going to be around your house?

Just this week in the hardware store we’ve had customers working on everything from their roof to their race car. From their shed to their snowblower. From their lamppost to their mailbox post. Outdoor chores seemed to be the theme of the week. So jump on the bandwagon and don’t forget to clean your window screens and how about pressure washing your siding, driveway, or sidewalk? How about staining or waterproofing your deck or fence? Got some paint peeling? Are your gutters ready for the fall leaves? And by now you’re pretty tired of your gas grill not quite working right. Time to tear it apart and do a little scrubbing and scraping. And then there is the ever popular cleaning all the cobwebs and bugs out of your outdoor light fixtures. Fence getting a little wobbly or do you need to do a little deck repair?

So midsummer is a good time to take a close look outside your house. Just like we did. Study your trees, shrubs, yard, and your home, and make that list. What kind of things would you like to complete this year, and what things do you have to complete this year. Get that job jar list made and maybe pick one each week from here on out. And before you know it, you’ll be back on track before the chill of fall comes calling.

Update on the article I did last month on the history of the toilet. I talked about the debate on if your toilet swirls clockwise or counterclockwise when it drains. I checked our toilets. Half flush clockwise and half flush counterclockwise. Which direction do yours flush?

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